Beau's Bio

Beau was born in Prineville, Oregon in the late 1960's to parents Robert and Merrilee. Through out his childhood he traveled the country with his father, a Nuclear Health Physicist/Senior Scientist, as he moved from power plant to power plant, decommissioning them. He now lives in Beaverton, Oregon with his own family. While Beau loves seeing the world, he wouldn't want to live anywhere but beautiful Oregon.

Beau's first real photography gig was at the ripe age of 14 when he was asked to photograph the wedding of his father and step-mother, Christine. He was immediately in love with the art of capturing life as it happens on film. In 1984 his father purchased him his first camera, a Canon AE1 Program, which he still has safely stored away. Beau is still using Canon cameras and primarily shoots with a 5D Full Frame and 40D 2/3's frame.

Today, Beau is a husband and father of 3 who still loves shooting life as it happens - his family, some of his favorite subjects. He and his wife, Jennifer, enjoy a thriving weddings & events photography business as 2 Squared Photo. In addition to this, he also continues to build his own business (Beau Hudspeth Photography) working with models on themed projects; TFCD, shooting portraits, calendars, products for magazine ads, landscape and nature. He has not only spent his adult life perfecting his art behind the camera but also the post-production artistic side. His first love is the camera while his 2nd love is Photoshop. In addition, Beau is also a very talented production graphic artist and photo restoration artist.

Beau Hudspeth Photography is located in Beaverton, Oregon - 97007 just a few miles outside of Portland
You may contact Beau at: for pricing, availability or general questions.

Beau's Photographic Art | In Print & on the Web

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